Testing - over the period has evolved from being an integral part of the development team to independent quality control to quality assurance to business assurance: as the industry dictates. Zado is no exception.

SMAC is one of the current trends these days. This process of technologies provides opportunities for organizations to create new products, services and customers. These technologies has become the key in changing the enterprise technology organizations to reinvent their existing strategies and increase investment on this initiatives.

Testing the SMAC initiatives plays vital role and also as an major enabler in improving the critical buisness goals such as Reduction in TCO, faster time-to-market and attain a quicker ROI.


In today’s scenario, social media has fascinated many people and organizations in leveraging and utilizing these networks for launching, advertising or marketing to sell their product or services. Diverse number of social media applications are developed and rolled out frequently. A typical social media application should run on different browsers, platforms, manipulate security issues and other risks, etc. Hence, Social media application testing should be sound enough to follow an consistent approach and techniques in order to address the above factors and make sure the application performs and meets the expectation as per the requirement.

DAWN's proficient test approach and practices ensures to deliver and address all the attributes, risk factors and make sure application performs as expected by the clients. Following parameters are required to test an social media application

Social Media & Testing


Mobile devices has been changing the way of people’s lifestyle. In particular the smartphone and tablet market has led to a rapid increase in the sales and usage among people simplifying the day to day activities which makes easy accessible of doing any complex task. The smartphone/tablet has significantly increased the development of numerous mobile applications and released daily.

Mobility & Testing

Testing the mobility landscape has unique challenges such as the multiple devices and manufacturers, platforms/OS’s (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry), Carriers and networks. Mobile testing techniques should ensure that the application takes into account of the above factors and works accurately as per the requirement predominantly the usability and user experience are the critical parts

DAWN's expertise in the mobility landscape deliver the end-to-end testing of any mobile device and application, below are the common types of testing we provide:


Over the last few years, Data Analytics space has been revolutionized and emerging with new trends and challenges. 2016 was a particularly major year for the business intelligence industry. The trends we presented last year will continue to play out through 2017. A recent IDC report still had the big data and business analytics market growing at a rate of over 11% in 2016 and at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% through to 2020.

Data discovery, self-service BI and master data/data quality management are currently the top business intelligence trends. Organizations analyses humongous sets of data sources (structured and unstructured data) in order to study and explore their customers completely. There is an increase in Data explosion and became big, across structured and unstructured data.

DAWN's flexible test offerings like business intelligence (BI), big data, data testing to validate structured and unstructured data’s in diverse databases, BI analytics applications. Functional and Non-functional tests are carried out in terms analytics platforms in which the commonly used techniques are:

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Above tests helps to validate the functional and non-functional requirements, uncover coding issues and performance bottleneck.


Over the past two decades Cloud computing has become the future for many applications and has opened up many doors embracing to obtain the benefits of cost, effective utilization, control, new capabilities and self-service experience etc. Many applications are running on a client/server architecture hosted remotely with the required infrastructure setup for intensive computing.

Many ISV’s have significantly increased their application development over cloud. Quality assurance space has also engrossed this digital trend with its own innovation of sound cloud testing strategies.

Cloud & Testing

The challenges of testing a non-cloud environment are release deadlines, budget constraints, higher investment, distributed geographic areas of users and volume of test cases. Cloud testing perhaps, is the solutions for above challenges by testing the application with the use of resources (Hardware, Software and Infrastructure) available in the cloud.

The great benefits of cloud testing over the traditional testing are 40-60% savings in investment operational costs, high scalability, ensure data integrity, location independent access, eliminate up-front investment in resources, quicker ROI and faster-time-market and reduced TCO.

DAWN provides cloud testing as service with finest approach and test plan. Following are the testing parameters we offer:

DAWN's integrated testing for SMAC follows a comprehensive and strategic approach by coupling the above mentioned testing techniques and strategies of each vertical of SMAC by integrating all together in a single pack addressing all the challenges and ensuring to deliver the best quality of the application to its customers.



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