Compatibility testing is done to determine if the developed application or product is good enough to run in different environments such as Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices, Networks, Hardware and Versions. Since there is a frequent release of new and existing versions of Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices etc. it is necessary for the organization to perform compatibility tests to ensure if their application or product is rendered as intended across different platform and to prevent errors and bugs. It is very much essential if compatibility test are performed on a real environment instead of a virtual one.

Tests which are performed before deploying application in production environment are normally done in single platform. Once after releasing it in production the customer may test the product in different platform and they may find bugs, to reduce such issues and not to upset your customers it is important to test the compatibility and it is advisable to perform compatibility once the build is stable enough.

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DAWN provides compatibility testing services across a variety of Operating Systems, Browsers, Devices, Networks, Hardware and Versions. Our extensive lab facility is equipped with latest OS’s, Platforms, Devices, Peripheral and Software & Hardware.

We deliver the best quality on time, irrespective of any environment to ensure 100% compatibility. Our solutions help you to verify:

Operating Systems - to check if the application operates flawless on various types and versions of OSs: Windows, Linux, Mac, Redhat, etc.
Browsers - to verify whether the application is compatible with different browser versions and types, e.g., IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.
Software - to ensure that developed application is compatible and communicates properly with other software.
Hardware - to check if the application or product works properly with different hardware configurations.
Networks - to evaluate the system operating in various connection types - WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.
Mobile devices - to ensure whether the application or product is compatible with different mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows.
Database - to evaluate the system capacity to work with different databases.


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