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More than a decade of experience in Functional Testing
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We ensure, we always provide delightful delivery to our clients
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Proficient Functional Test experts in particular to Domain & Technology
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Best in class infrastructure with the required amenities for software, instruments and devices
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We aren’t mainstream, rather customer centric
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Our Experts SWAT the application 360° and perform the best practices of Functional Testing


Functional Testing Services is carried out to verify & validate the overall functionality of the application whether if it performs and functions correctly according to the defined requirement and specification. Basically, Functional Tests are executed in the test environment which is similar to that of a production. Based on the outcome of results, application is verified and validated as it is the primary objective prior to the pre-release of the software.

What we Offer:

DAWN's Functional Testing Services commits and ensures to deliver the best in class quality applications. We implement the finest practices of Functional Test strategies driven by Manual or Automation tests against the defined specifications meeting the end user expectations.

Our solutions are more efficient as we essentially perform requirement-based assessment and carry out test plans and executions based on prioritizing the critical level of functionalities in order not to miss out any logical issues. We engage with the clients at different phases of test lifecycle irrespective of traditional, Agile or DevOps methodologies to achieve the testing objectives against the overall business goals.

Our range of experience and expertise in Functional Testing focusing on applications like


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Interface Testing
Interface Testing
Ensure communication between the different system modules functions properly
Smoke Testing
Smoke Testing
Ensuring the most important functionalities works properly, in-turn results a stable build to proceed with further test
System Testing
System Testing
Evaluate the complete system functionality compliance with its specified requirements
Integration Testing
Integration Testing
To expose errors in the interaction between integrated units
Regression Testing
Regression Testing
Aim to ensure that fixes or enhancements of the code haven’t introduced any new bugs, and the previous bugs do not appear again
Acceptance Testing
Acceptance Testing
To evaluate the systems compliance with the business requirement and assess if it is acceptable for delivery


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