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Ecommerce is a growing industry with lot of new competitors. Online stores are competing and expanding their business to establish their brand. As the online shopping increases, the retailers are facing some critical challenges in business like Retaining the customer from a usability perspective; compliance and security must to run business, Transaction volumes vary – peaks and troughs, Responsiveness and browser compatibility challenges due to cross browser experience and its consistency, Validation for data security and payment security against specifications. Today, large number of shoppers uses mobile store applications. Also, mobile check out needs easy, secure, faultless functionality and should be consistent across different platforms.

"With this tough competition and challenges, you cannot just take a risk of manually testing your website and keeping your business at stake."

Here opting for automated testing becomes the act of intelligence to make your online shop a far reaching brand. Test automation becomes the preferred choice for testing a website against basic accessibility and functionalities.

With the high business benefit in multiple areas, automation testing has the following area of values.

Increased Resource Efficiency and Time Savings
Early defect identification before the end user impact
Increased Business Process Quality
Quicker Deployment of changes made


Automated testing gives you accelerated test cycles with reusable test scenarios.
Customizable business process libraries
Faster performance measurement
Effective and highly efficient test data management with data security testing and compliance checks
Cross browser compatibility checks with automated frameworks
Surveillance Test System
Development to exercise the live site
Defect reporting and regression testing process implementation
Defect reporting and regression testing process implementation
Sanity check creation to verify functionality before new code goes live
Used split testing ideas for elements commonly found on e-commerce sites
Use of Functional Test Case Generator to build automated test cases and customized business process libraries in lesser time

End result would be an enhanced online shopping experience to the end users.



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