Recruitment Services


We have a core team of recruitment professionals who help in hiring the resources with Niche skills. The hiring of resources with niche expertise is a skillful job for the recruiters, we have a complete focus on requirements and 10+ years of experience in hiring process providing you with the candidates with required skill set. We have placed qualified professionals in all type of positions. Our Niche hiring process involves screening of the skills at preliminary stage, followed by sharing of profiles with client depending on the screening results.

We help you to find these great people to make your organization’s goal easily achievable. A changing global technology environment has made the organization to change swiftly, which requires many skilled resources. We select for you the excellent resources that help you to produce desired results.

We can help you to hire the resources with specialized skills on contract, permanent or contract to hire basis depending on your needs.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides sources and attracts talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to on-boarding. Also we provide enterprise-wide recruiting, placement, retention solutions across all disciplines, job levels and geographies. Look to us to source better employees more quickly. You’ll also reduce operational complexity, cost and risk. We will provide your organization with a strategic advantage through the quality of its people.

The right job at the right place with the right price is highly possible.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation or better known as subcontracting or it is also known as temp-Staffing, is primarily outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people or there is a requirement of skilled staff or the requirement is for a limited period.


Time: Easy and fast mobilization of skilled and Niche Resources

Flexibility: Flexibility in ramping up and down of resources, staff levels can be managed to be at productive levels throughout the year

Less Cost: Savings on HR, Administration Cost, and Staff costs such as healthcare, insurance, taxes and benefits

Easy On-boarding: All the advertising, screening, interviewing and reference checking needed to attract and qualify potential employees is not required. This practice benefits by making one call and having staff sent that is ready to work and achieve the balance: quality goals with budgetary realities.

Less Training Cost: As they are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive

No Payroll: No need to process payroll for the temporary staff or generate year-end tax documents

In today’s business environment, many customers are seeking greater flexibility with their workforce. Our Career Transition Program service affords our customers the ability to move one or many of their own employees to DAWN's payroll either because you are transitioning to a new technology platform or perhaps that new platform will be managed and run by new resources (either yours or even DAWN's or some other service provider). Often, we can provide these existing staff members who might face a limited future with you with greater career options; initially with the same customer as part of the transition, but ultimately with other customers where their skills and technology expertise are still in demand.

This solution offers you the ability to lower overall costs, ease the transition to the new solution and provide viable career options for potentially displaced employees.

Our Campus Placement & Pre-Placement Training vertical provides unique services targeting to benefit Corporate, Institutes/Colleges and Students equally.

DAWN offers cost-effective, scalable solutions and flexible delivery models tailored to your specific objectives and organizational style. You get the degree of control you want and the expertise you need to keep your business agile and initiatives on track. We lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work.

DAWN is committed to fulfil and match the fresher / campus hiring needs of corporate India. Through this program, we will help our country’s young talent adapt to the corporate environment and improve employability skills. This will help in building a vast “skill ready” talent pool both for the country and corporate India.

Nasscom says that Indian Higher Education system produces 3.7 million student annually, but premier trade association said only 25% of people are having employable skill. We are in the process of changing this statistics move the bell-curve to upper side.

DAWN understand & respect the needs of all three entities "Organization-College-Students" and takes a holistic approach in full-filling their respective objectives.

We have developed the “Incubate-Operate-Transfer" model as part of our on-going commitment to providing cost-effective skilled talents that help our clients deliver world class projects efficiently. This program is specially designed for our valued customers who have special needs for their new staff to be trained in specific areas before they come on board.