Regression Testing Services is a black box testing technique performed to ensure that bug fixes or enhancements of the code haven’t introduced any new bugs, and the previous bugs do not appear again. The purpose of Regression Tests is to find bugs and to ensure that the recent change or addition to the old suite of test cases or program hasn’t broken any of its functionality or introducing any new errors.

It is recommended to execute regression tests often throughout the software development life cycle.


DAWN acts as a complete regression test centre for its clients and improves the regression down time in turn controlling the cost.

Our regression testing services includes either manual or automated test that assures the recent changes to the application has not created any adverse impact to it.

Manual regression tests are performed on smaller applications, in case the application has complex functionalities, repeating the execution of complete test suites each time when an alteration is made to the application will be a tedious process in such cases automation tests are preferred over manual and automation is the key in minimizing regression down time and cost. We always prefer requirement-based analysis and prioritize the test cases based on business impact, critical & frequently used functionalities by doing this we can greatly reduce the regression test suite.

It is essential to perform Regression testing

When code is modified according to the requirement
When a new feature enhancement is added to the application
When previous defect & performance issues are fixed

Which Test Cases you should choose for Regression Testing?

Test cases which have frequent defects
Functionalities which are more visible to the users
Test cases which verify core features of the product
Test cases with frequent changes in Functionalities
All Integration Test Cases
All Complex Test Cases
Boundary value test cases
Sample of Successful test cases
Sample of Failure test cases

When the software undergoes frequent changes, manual regressions are time consuming and tedious process thus DAWN's automated solutions and reusable strategy of test cases saves up to 80% of time and 40% of cost.



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