As we headed into 2017, a year where we saw a great surge in usage of conversational user interfaces, i.e., chatbots, which grew in usage with its user experience within all industries.

In the ‘Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond’ report, Gartner mentions that more than 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on chatbot and bots creation than traditional mobile app development by the time 2021 is reached. This clearly indicates that chatbots will change the way organizations do their business and serve customers.



Chatbot as conversational interfaces is the most touted trend of the future and they will become more valuable to the organizations to serve the customers.

A study shows that 64% of customers and 80% of business buyers expect real-time responses and interactions from the organizations in this case Chatbot serves the purpose and have become the perfect solution to provide human-like conversation by increasing user attention and delivering quick responses to keep the customer engaged more deeply than ever.

It’s no surprise that chatbots provides solution for better customer service and customer experience across industries for:

Creating and tracking insurance claims.
Personal online banking.
Booking travel accommodations and flights.
Service support internally, on channels such as Slack and other management software.
Providing broader mental health access

The major problem for any Chatbot is to understand context of user’s conversation and make things easy for the user. Once Chatbot is developed, it important to test some of the key metrics such as functionality and features, interfaces and integrations and performance of the bot.


DAWN's approach towards testing Chatbot ensures the major key attributes of the bot works and meets the user expectation as pre-defined by the organization. Our real-time test solutions and expertise helps to achieve the complete operational excellence of the bot as we majorly focus on the important key metrics such as the

Conversational Flow
NLP Score
Usability & User Experience
Bot Speed
Bot Accuracy
Conversation Steps


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