Business Model


DAWN follows a client-oriented approach understanding the client needs, budgets and expectations providing transparent and flexible engagement models to achieve the business objectives. Our operational transparency always recommends unbiased right fit solutions.
We are highly insane and obsessed in improving the quality of your product as desired and designed.


Our flexible and economical business models include:

Time and Material
Time & Material Model
It is very transparent and allows the clients to manage the project, define the scope of work and schedule, and save money
Proof-of-Concept Model
We strongly believe to build credibility first and hence provide free trial PoC for 1~2 weeks to achieve win-win opportunity
Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team Model
Flexible and cost-saving model for long-term projects. Our clients like it because of predictable expenses and flexibility of the scope of work
Fixed Price
Fixed Cost Model
Considered for short term projects where price is predetermined and set in advance and will not be changed until the end of the project