DAWN works closely with its clients to address their security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. We bring our unique experience and the latest technology to address our clients vital security needs.

We understand your business values and we secure you in extensive way.

Our Security Testing service offerings include:

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing


Challenge -

Strategic business initiatives to increase operational efficiencies, find new revenue sources, and improve customer service are all driving organizations to open up their networks and business processes to even more external users. For many organizations, this means an increased exposure to security threats and vulnerabilities.

Malicious attacks on your environment can create severe consequences, such as disruption of service, business interruption, and lost revenue. Non-compliance to regulation can cost steep fines and bad publicity, which can further damage your reputation. Without the resources to stay on top of emerging threats and changes in regulatory requirements, companies can't effectively anticipate and counter new threats that may compromise information assets and compliance goals.

Solution -

DAWN's Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing service is a critical step in mitigating risk. Using a proven methodology, automated testing tools, and manual audits. DAWN's experienced security consultants assess your environment and identify vulnerabilities and errant configurations, validate existing controls, prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities and provide detailed remediation techniques that helps to reduce the risk of your system being compromised.

The result of this effort is a snapshot of your current infrastructure's security posture. This snapshot provides a baseline from which to validate information security program maturity and compliance (or non-compliance) to corporate and regulatory security requirements, as well as a roadmap for future security initiatives.

Benefits -
Helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets
Reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance
Mitigates risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious entities
Helps continuity of business by reducing downtime
Proven methodology that ensures quality, accuracy, and thoroughness of your assessment
Provides confidence that security design and implementation meets industry best practice and regulatory standards


Web Application
Mobile Application
Network Security
What We Test

The Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services can be customized to meet the unique needs of the enterprise. These services include the following:

Identification of security risks and vulnerabilities
A snapshot view of an organization's security posture
A baseline for future security initiatives
Analysis of risk by exploiting identified security threats and vulnerabilities
Validation of current security posture and counter measures
Validation of risks associated with identified vulnerabilities and errant configurations


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