Manual Testers can perform Automation Testing without tool knowledge – Is it a myth or reality?

As more and more Enterprises and Innovative Products & E-Commerce firms continue to move towards digital transformation space, frequent releases and once in two month software upgrades are the norm nowadays. This leaves test automation as a mandatory strategy for QA and Selenium as the number of option due to the rapid evolution of open source community. As test automation implementation requires exponential investments, organizations either prefer to phase out manual testers to cut down costs or they want the impossible to be done – Manual testers need to transform into test automation testers within a short time frame.


Hello QA/ Test Automation strategists, decision makers and Chief Quality Officers

Are you worried about phasing out manual testers and hiring Test Automation specialists at a higher cost for Selenium?
Do you want to implement test automation strategy with manual testers itself?
Are you exploring the options to implement test automation strategy using codeless automation strategy?

Z-automate  is a selenium based accelerator that exactly addresses the above mentioned questions

Your manual tester can execute selenium test scripts without programming skills or tool knowledge
The test case will be converted automatically into a test automation script within few seconds
You can implement selenium based test automation strategy within minutes across all the platforms such as Mobile, Web, Cloud and API.


Developed using Codeless framework with easy spreadsheet interface for test suite configuration and development
Robust and portable framework to support test automation across different platforms and browsers
Support for sequential and parallel execution on various browsers
Highly scalable with less maintenance of test scripts
Interactive Test Report Dashboard to compare test results of previous iterations


Accelerator Architecture


40% guaranteed savings in automation investment and time as manual tester can execute selenium test scripts without programming skills or tool knowledge
Provides reduced defect leakage ratio of less than 3% with 80% automation coverage within 6 months

The impossible is here and now. This innovation from DAWN provides reduced defect leakage ratio, clear ROI and speeds up the automation coverage.



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