Reworking costs, opportunity costs, transactional issues and customer perceptions are some of the ways by which cost of software quality can be measured. Cost of quality is becoming very high in today’s dynamic marketplace and it makes it imperative for software vendors and software enabled businesses to ensure quality of their deliverables.

Test automation is ideal for most organizations as it enhances speed, accuracy, coverage and cost-effectiveness of the test processes. It allows you to increase reliability and productivity as there is very little manual intervention in the testing process.


DAWN specializes in Test Automation Services where we offer robust test automation solutions across Web, Cloud and Mobility. With proven expertise in open source and commercial test automation tools, effective test automation process and expertise across industries makes us the right choice for your test automation needs. Our Test Automation CoE boasts of its own open source automation framework and continuous integration of testing using the appropriate tools.


Test automation is a skill that most testing organizations don’t possess. However, they would have quality professionals engaged in ensuring software quality. In such situations, we get involved with their automating testing and we enhance, optimize and transfer their test automation execution to their testing organization seamlessly. The process that we follow is this:

Process Workflow



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