DAWN provides Selenium test automation services with a certified team of Selenium experts. We offer a wide range of Selenium automated testing services, such as Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing and automation framework creation. Our data driven test automation approach along with Selenium Remote Control (RC) enables our automation experts to execute projects in record time for more complex input based web applications.

DAWN has its own proprietary Z-automate accelerator that can convert manual testers into Selenium Automation Testers in minutes.




Developed and Automated 600 test cases within 12 weeks using Selenium for a US based Business support Systems (BSS) Major


Our customer was looking for a flexible partner who has the necessary technical skills and process skills to ensure automation of their functional tests. They chose DAWN due to its strengths in various open source and commercial automation tools, in addition to their expertise on automation frameworks.


DAWN partnered with the customer towards performing a POC (Proof of Concept), where we compared the suitability of different tools for their need. We figured that Selenium was the most appropriate tool to be used based on the comparison.

After the POC, we wrote manual test cases for the entire suite and started with automating manual test cases. We analysed about 3500 test cases and chose 600 of them for automation.

We implemented a hybrid test automation framework using Selenium in this project. Entire automation test scripts for 600 test cases were written in 12 weeks’ time, while ensuring scalability of the scripts.

Improved regression coverage, enhancing their confidence levels
Performing automation testing without in-house expertise
Implemented 90% automation coverage using selenium and reduced defect leakage to less than 2%


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